Career Management Coaching


This service is for individuals looking to advance their career, change their career field and unsure how to land the promotion or job they desire. 

Or perhaps stress and challenges at work are leading to the feeling of “burn-out”, or affecting your confidence and you would like new tactics to handle the day to day. 

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and cover ways to navigate your career crossroads or to progress in your career journey.  

Let’s clarify your goals and then work together to create steps that can be taken to achieve success.

What your coaching session can cover:

  • Explore your career options and get help identifying the career that best suits your interests, values and personality
  • Review your career path in your current company and identify tactics for advancement
  • Identify your key transferable skills and strengths, and explore how these could map across to new opportunities
  • Get advice on how to position yourself in the market and to employers
  • Get feedback on your resume and advice on how to tailor it for different positions
  • Develop a strategic plan with actionable steps to guide your future career development

Career Management Coaching (60 mins): 

A structured, one on one coaching session.  We zone in on the career goal you’d like to achieve, and then establish personally tailored steps you can take to get there.  

Before the initial session you will be asked to complete a Client Profile & Prep Form, so we can maximize our time together.

Each session: $115.00