Interview Prep Coaching

How would you rate your interview skills?  

Would you like to improve your confidence and stand out from the crowd during interviews? 

The Interview Coaching Service is designed to help you overcome nerves, build your confidence and increase your success rate at job interviews.  

With experience across a variety of industries and roles, and extensive knowledge of interview practices including behavioral-based interviewing techniques, we will help you prepare, practice and perform more effectively at interviews and give you skills and techniques to stand out from other applicants.

Based on the job for which you are applying and your resume, we will create a tailored session for you. During the coaching sessions you will:

  • Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression
  • Learn strategies to build your confidence and sell yourself effectively
  • Learn how to answer common interview questions
  • Get help preparing responses to behavioral-based questions
  • Get feedback on your interview skills in a practice interview
  • Get tips and techniques to help you stand out from other candidates

Interview Prep Coaching (120 – 150 mins):

Prior to your consultation, your Interview Coach will ask you to forward your resume and information on the job for which you are applying. They will then prepare a list of questions that are likely to be asked in the interview and create a custom tailored package for you which includes a mock interview, tactics and tips, and feedback

1 session: $225.00

Follow Up review (optional): $80.00