Job Search Coaching

This service will provide you with personalized steps to attain your ideal position. Through our sessions we will show you how to take advantage of the latest job search tools and conduct an effective job search campaign in the advertised and unadvertised job markets.

During the session, you will discover how to conduct an effective job search and build your online presence as well as learning networking strategies to increase your job opportunities.  

Find out how to identify and connect with recruiters in your industry and learn how to pitch yourself to recruiters and potential employers.

We will also provide feedback on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and develop a Job Search Action Plan to help you secure your next role.

PLEASE NOTE: This service listed above is for coaching only, not job placement.

Job Search Coaching (60-90 mins):

After completing profile form and questionnaire and submitting your resume, our session will include tactics for your job search as well as reviewing your personalized Job Search Action Plan.  

The interactive session will discuss possible obstacles to your job search as well as action steps.

1 session: $135.00

Follow Up review (optional): $80.00