Resume & Cover Letter Writing

In today’s competitive job market, it is important to stand out from the crowd.  A professional resume tailored for your target role and industry will help you receive more call backs leading to interviews.  

Your resume will highlight your relevant skills, experience and achievements, and your customized cover letter will detail the reasons why you are suitable for the position.  

Your cover letter can be tailored for a specific job, or it can be a general cover letter that you can adjust to suit different positions.  

Feedback will also be provided on your LinkedIn profile in order to align it with your updated resume.

Resume Writing Levels:

Entry level Package - for recent graduates with up to 12 months’ work experience. 

Experienced Package - for people with over 12 months’ work experience who are applying for non-management roles up to mid-level managers.

Senior/Executive Package - for people who are applying for senior positions, upper management roles, executive positions and project management.

Before resume work begins, jobs are quoted individually.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Entry level Package: $155.00

Experienced Package: $185.00

Senior/Executive Package: $235.00

PLEASE NOTE: These fees are a guide and may vary depending on the nature, complexity and length of your resume and/or the job requirements.  

Fees quoted include up to 2 revisions of your first resume draft (based on your original request only). Revisions must be requested within 2 weeks from the date of your first draft.